I have lived in Dorset all of my life, and have always loved living so close to the sea and surrounded by such beautiful wildlife.

Even when I was young, I loved to draw, whether it was my first dog, drawing from books or places I had visited.  I have always had a love for animals coupled with this, and they were always my chosen subject.

After completing GCSE and A-Level in Art and Design, I took a 'safe' route of routine administrative work.  However, a few years ago I decided to draw my parents Border Collie, Jess as a present - it was the first thing I had drawn in approximately 6 years. 

I received some great feedback from it, and had a couple of friends I know ask for me to draw their beloved pets for them, and to pay me for it - and the rest they say is history and here I am now.

Owning two dogs of my own has also given me so much inspiration.  My signature when completing the portraits is that I always leave the eyes until last, as I believe its the unique sparkle there which captures the animals personality and character.

Many of the portraits are completed in Pastels on Velour paper, which I have decided is the best medium for capturing the texture of animal fur especially.

Most of all, I love drawing them.  Every portrait is just so different, and I love to hear the feedback from people when they receive their final portrait. 

Finally I must say a huge thank you to everyone who has commissioned a portrait from me, for allowing me the privilege to draw some stunning animals.

For more details please contact me at jodie.artist@gmail.com