If you are interested in commissioning a portrait please visit the shop.  Please see the Commissions and Prices page for further details.  I have now added the facility of an Online Shop for ease of ordering.


This completely depends on my workload.  Most portraits take approximately 30 hrs so about a week per portrait, but this will be variable depending on the size of the picture and how many pets per page are required.  I will you contact you prior to starting your portrait to confirm details and so that you know I will be starting it.

Of course if you need the portrait by a certain date for a special occasion for example, please do not hesitate to ask me and we can come to an arrangement.


I tend to work from only one photo, possibly using others for reference.  I work from both digital Jpegs or physical photos, just let me know which is your preferred method.  All photographs will be taken great care of and returned in the condition they are sent to me in.  The better quality of the photo, the more detailed the finished portrait will be, so clear good sized photo's will make the best portraits.  I can only draw what I can see.

I can make many adjustments at request, such as removing lens flare from eyes and removing collars from dogs and cats and tack from horses.

Due to Copyright laws, by commissioning a portrait you are agreeing that you have sought permission from the photographer even if it is from a home photograph.  If you want to use professionally taken photographs you must also seek permission from the photographer.


Please select which size you would like from my shop. You will be asked to pay a 50% deposit. If you wish to cancel your order before I have begun your portrait (this includes mock-ups) you will receive a refund. On payment you will be allocated a space and I will advise on the waiting time on which I will contact you again approximately 1 week beforehand to discuss the particulars of your requirements and finalise the price.

Once drawing has commenced, if you wish to cancel your order there will be a cancellation fee of 30% of the total agreed price.

Once the portrait has finished a proof will be sent to you. There is a 14 day period in which to advise of any adjustments that need to be made and for full payment to be made.

If you are still not satisfied with the final portrait after any adjustments made and the 14 day period is passed, then upon request you will receive a 70% refund, the 30% retained by myself is to cover materials, administration and time spent. On this agreement of accepting the refund you pass your consent for the picture to be re-sold for no less than the original price quoted to you the customer.


Postage is included in the price and all portraits are send unmounted and unframed.  I believe framing is a very personal choice and feel it is better to allow the customer to choose their own frame to suit their tastes. 

All portraits are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery service.  They are fully packaged and protected.

The 50x70cm size will be sent via Parcelforce 48 service as this size is too big for Special Delivery.

In the unlikely event your portrait gets damaged in the postal system please contact me immediately so we can work out repairs or a replacement. Please retain all packaging.


In a bid to be more eco-friendly I will occasionally use recycled strong cardboard as packaging.  Please say if you prefer for me not to use recycled packaging.


Although the person who took the original photograph that I draw from retains the copyright on their photograph, I reserve copyright on all artwork drawn from such photographs provided with the condition that permission has been granted.  They will not be reproduced for prints to be sold without permission of the customer, however they will be used for display/gallery / promotional and advertising purposes unless you specify you really do not want them to be used in this way. People find it very useful to view the galleries and I always watermark them to avoid copying.

All images and text from this website must not be used or copied in whole or part.